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Olga Weiss

Olga Weiss – Cultivating Creativity

I am a creative director, designer, mixed media artist, and yoga and meditation teacher living and working in Santa Monica, California. My artwork is based on intuition, meditation, dreams, and personal experiences, exploring the nature of reality and dimensions of the unknown and bridging the gap between empirical and nondual. Through experimental artwork, I express my interpretation of nature, dreams, metaphysics, energy, and human emotions. Each piece is a unique and personal journey inspired by my visions, curiosity, and a magical world within and around us.

After falling in love with yoga, meditation, higher consciousness exploration, and studying with excellent teachers, I started to share my knowledge. In my teachings, I create a safe and inclusive space for inviting and nurturing the flow of creative energy to quiet our minds, connect with the universal consciousness, and embrace boundless creativity. In addition, I cultivate loving-kindness, compassion, and nondual awareness in my teaching.

Check out my Nondual Tantra Yoga & Mediation Classes.

Visit my companies:

Nondual Design – Creative Directions, Branding & Design Agency

9 Dimensions – Lifestyle Products